The Ultimate iPhone Frequently Asked Questions

Wow. Predictably, the torrent — and I do mean torrent — of iPhone commentary from the citizens of the Web is practically outflooding spam this week. Most of it comes from people whose shirt fronts are practically drenched in drool. Plenty is negative and bitter.

The $3,000 iPhone

The $3,000 iPhone

We all know that the long expected iPhone was announced under a price of $499 for the 4GB model and $599 for the 8GB one. Chris Seibold from Apple Matters analyzed the expenses of owning an iPhone, and the results multiples the cost of the phone by 5. In case you want to review the list yourself, or in case you’re thinking of purchasing an iPhone, here it is.

Apple Rolls Out First iPhone Commercial

As reported Friday, the first iPhone commercial aired last night during the 79th Academy Awards. The ad featured movie clips from past and present of stars answering phone calls saying, “Hello”.

It’s kind of official: Apple iPhone & JAJAH VoIP

JAJAH Mobile Web will allow iPhone or smartphone owners to make VoIP calls straight from the web browser to anywhere in the world with no download, installation, or contract. Users just type in into their mobile browser and enter their JAJAH user name and password. Then the rest is just a click away from calling any one in your JAJAH address book. If the company’s claim hold true, the iPhone will be an even hotter product when it goes on sale in June.

Nokia: iPhone might get dirty and its hard to use while driving

A leading Nokia executive has been discussing the companies thoughts on the iPhone this week with an analyst at the Bank of America.

Apparently Nokia are concerned that the screen will be hard to keep clean and that it won’t be easy to use while you are driving.

“Hidden” iPhone Features Revealed

Those of you anxiously awaiting the arrival of the iPhone may find this a tasty bit of info to help tide you over until June. Actioncorp TV has posted a narrated video in which they go over Steve Jobs’ Macworld 2007 Keynote with a fine-toothed comb, revealing several “hidden details” that you likely missed.

iPhone Thong: How To Get Your Geek’s Attentions

Ladies, we know it can be hard to gain and hold your main-squeeze geek’s attention in this day and age of ever-advancing technology and a seemingly endless stream of gadgets and techie toys hitting the market constantly.